Le marigot de Fada N’Gourma (Burkina-Faso)



Nous sommes en Janvier 1977 à Fada N’Gourma où, volontaire de l’ONG « Frères des Hommes », j’occupe les fonctions de médecin-chef de secteur pour la région Est du Burkina-Faso, qui se confond presqu’en entier avec l’ancien empire des Gourmanchés, peuple redouté car un peu devin et sorcier.

January 1977 in Fada N'Gourma where as a volunteer of the NGO "Brothers of all Men", I held the position of chief medical officer of Burkina Faso Eastern region, which coincides almost with former Gourmanché empire, a people feared in the country said to be soothsayer and sorcerer.

Several days, I get up around 5 am to take pictures of the lake (“marigot”) that borders the city to the North. I crossed the Camp Mossi and I post myself on the West Dyke. After sunrise, I walk along the shoreline to capture village scenes.